Here it is! NOT!

How much e-mail do you get in a day? Well on my average weekday I may get up to 150 e-mails. Most of these will be people trying to sell me something that will make me money the easy way. Just push the button and the cash will flow forth! Easy, no need to do anything at all, push the button count the cash.

If you are like me I’m still waiting for delivery of my luxury liner, my order for my 6 Bentleys seems to have got lost somewhere in the system and I’m struggling to decide which small island paradise to buy. Reality check required, after you have been burned a few times you realise that there is no easy button.

There are however ways to make things easier, the real way to make real money in IM is to create your own products. But when you are starting out this maybe appear a daunting task and we are often faced with information overload. But there are ways making starting up a bit easier.


My e-mail box is bombarded each day with ‘buy this’, ‘buy that’ and, buy the other’. I could spend several thousands of dollars a day on products that promise instant wealth. To set up and make a start in IM you only need a hosting account. If you have that you will have almost everything you need. If you do not have a hosting account then I can recommend D9 hosting (see my recommended links) who offer a superb service at excellent rates.

If you already have a hosting account you can set up your own blog by downloading Word press for free. You can even have a blog without the hosting package by using the problem is that you will never own this blog as it is owned by Google.

You can expand by using Freebies from Giveaway Events, now some may frown on this but it is a way of starting without spending your hard earned on products you may not like or may not use. Save your money, you do not need to spend out large amounts to get started. You can obtain scripts, graphic programmes, templates, PLR information, Video and Audio products for a simple sign up to a list.

Learn how to use these products, you may find that some do not suit you as your ideas develop, at this stage you can pay for custom made products that fit in to the theme of your business you can even out source the work to others more skilled at these tasks than you.

BIG OPPORTUNITY! Earlier this week Mike Filsame made available FREE his Butterfly Marking Script, you may ever have heard of it but I bet you will have seen it action thousands of times. This until recently was a $1995 paid product. This is now available FREE read more about this HERE.

It occurred to me that with this script and some other materials such as 900 PLR articles, I already had I had a complete business start up available that I could offer FREE. So I put the whole lot together in my Freebie Friday 8 event. Remember this is not the easy button but it will make it a bit easier. If you want to make start in Information Marketing go to Freebie Friday 8 and download this now, I have no idea how long Butterfly Marketing will be available for….. Rob