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I suppose the one question that I am asked more often than any other is. “What is the quickest way to make money on line?”

There really is no one answer to this question, you see nearly everyone wants a quick fix. They want to make money as fast as possible preferably with hardly any work involved. Now very occasionally this may work as a one off but as a strategy for a steady income this strategy is doomed to failure.

And the reason that it fails is that the focus is on one quick fix after another, and they neglect the one thing that will give then a much greater chance of succeeding in their goal. They chase one shiny object after another and end up spending more money than they actually make.

The missing element in all of this, is that in chasing the cash they NEVER build a business so never make money on a consistent basis.

Now I am a big fan of small home businesses, the ones that you can run out of a cardboard box. So I am going to give you the low down on one business that I still run today and that is selling Private Label Rights (PLR) and Resale Rights (RR) Information Products.

Admittedly it has not made me a millionaire (at least not yet!) but it has paid for a vacation every year AND allowed me to change my cars on a regular basis. So not too shabby then?

This is a big market and I want to help you to start your own PLR and Resale Rights business with a little gift from me. I have put together a package that explains exactly how I trade in PLR and Resale Rights products myself. It’s completely free and the best part of it is that you can start this business for pennies or even completely free.

Grab Your Copy By Clicking The Graphic


Or click HERE to gain access to this FREEBIE today.

I hope you find the content interesting, informative and highly profitable.

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What’s Your Image Like Part 3

Well the answer is important, really important, that is why when you are launching a new product is just as important to pay attention to having the highest quality of sales pages as well as making sure that the product itself is the best you can produce.

The sale page or Optin Page are the first thing that any customer will see, remember the expression about making a first impression? This is first opportunity to make that impression. It amazes me that so many product developers who I no doubt are producing quality products skimp on the graphics.

If you have the talent with Photoshop then the choice is easy, if you do not then this could be make or break time. You could buy some Fiverr gigs and get the sales page graphics done that way, although I do use Fiverr I would never have my sale page graphic made this way. Simply get a top professional on the job! don’t spoil the ship for a Halfpenny of tar.


Do you really want this happening to your product after all your hard work?

So when I needed some sales page graphics for my soon to be released E-Publishing Roadmap I went to Steve at GFX-1. Here is a first look at them, I haven’t even had time to add them to the sales page yet!



Rather good don’t you think? Need some yourself? Then check out GFX-1 by clicking the banner below.

I am building E-Publishing Roadmap as a membership site using Optimise Press 2, and I am using John Racine’s Membership Manifesto as my guide, you see I have a bit of a love hate relationship with OP 2… So head down Robert and just do it!


More updates as I build the site, but you can get a fair idea of what’s included by looking at the graphics. This is a complete quick start E-Publishing solution for Kindle publishing.

So it only remains to ask what will your sales page graphics look like?

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Whats Your Image Like Part 2!

Blog posts are supposed to be interesting and informative but unfortunately all too often they can become very wordy (and I am aware that I am one of the worst culprits there is). Using graphics in your blog post not only breaks up the large bulk of text but can also be interesting and informative when used correctly.



But where can you get your images from? Well the answer all too often is from a Google search then copy and paste the picture, right? Well no it is all too easy to infringe the copyright of others this way. You may get away with it for years but one day you may have a problem.

There are a number of solutions to this problem. Buy a royalty free image from a picture agency such as Fotolia, for a blog these can be relatively inexpensive but if you are using 2 or 3 images a blog post and you are a regular blogger then the cost can be really staggering.

There are plenty of alternatives such as Public Domain (PD) images and Images available under a Creative Commons Licence (CC). Such as these…


A really good place to start is Wikimedia Commons

There are also other sites such as Icon Archive which have images for commercial and non commercial usage, some just require a link back or credit to the graphic artist. Ghost-icon

Or you could buy a Royalty Free clipart collection which will allow you to use the images where eve you like without additional fee, as long as you don’t resell the clipart images.

One of the really big players Getty Images has made this service available for non commercial activities such as blog posts etc, by providing an embed code to a large proportion of the images in its catalogue. The image is low resolution but good enough for a blog and has a link back to Getty and the original image.

Here is an example of a Getty image embedded into this blog post.

Try Creative Commons for other sources of images.  So if you are looking for images to liven up your blog posts then there are some real alternatives to the Google copy and paste approach which if you are not careful could mean that you are using copyright materials.

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New Year Plans 2014 And End Of Year Review 2013

Once more we start a New Year we look forward to the plans ahead and with it the inevitable review of the previous year and plans. When you look back it is often sobering to see what you have achieved or have failed to achieve, so here goes.


There has been a BIG spectre haunting me and unlike Scrooge this one did not arrive just before christmas it has been in residence for a long time. It is my long trumpeted, long awaited but not delivered Kindle training course. I never delivered this, I have been unhappy with a lot of the content, I have tinkered with it, messed with it and also left it alone (for too long).

But, I have finally realised what I was unhappy about and with a renewed vigour have created a Kindle course that I am not just happy with but also proud of, so look for that in early 2014.

I have not as yet updated my eBay course Plugin Auction Profits or my 12 Roads to Success course as I was wanting to do in 2013. But, I have the new versions in outline form and intend to move these to there own membership sites with the addition of some new materials. There will also be some additional content available as an optional additions to the product.

angry-iconI have also been experimenting with Optimise Press 2 as the membership platform for my Kindle course. I find OP 2 both easy to use and infuriating in equal measure, on bad days it is seems more like Optimise Depress.

I am unsure as to whether I will continue to use this after I have used up my 3 licence quota, so stay tuned.

A great positive in 2013 was joining the team at Marketing Mini Classes, I knew everyone personally and I am delighted to be working with Steve, Mandy and Barry. Look for some more classes from me in 2014.

So to 2014, here’s the broad plan.

To release 3 products this year
To update and upgrade my Plugin Auction Profits and 12 Roads to Success to membership status.
To add to my Kindle book portfolio by at least one book per month
To buy myself a Mac computer and publish content to Apple iBooks
To extend my existing POD ventures
To build a more extensive and responsive marketing list
And above all to provide excellent value to all my subscribers and customers

Phew just looking at that list is scary! But these business goal should go someway to helping me achieve my personal goals.

What are your plans? Leave a comment below and share your plans.

So it only remains for me to wish you the compliments of the season and wish you success in all your ventures in 2014.

Oh and remember its good to share so please share this!



Hi everyone, it may seem a bit early for a review of 2012 but I have a big event starting on Dec 23rd so I thought it would be good time to do both.

Firstly, I am ending the year and beginning 2013 by co-hosting a major giveaway event with the able help of Keith Purkiss. Giveaway events are excellent not only for members but also contributors as there are many first class products available for FREE or on special offer at amazingly low prices.

Here is the link so that you can claim your own free gifts.

Find out more about Giveaways HERE.

Personal Highlights of the year for me have been spending time and travelling with my lovely partner Julia. We have been to Stratford which saw monsoon weather of biblical proportions, The English Lake District visiting Grasmere and the home of Lakeland poet William Wordsworth.

Bamburgh castle which I have always wanted to visit, and the Capital of Scotland Edinburgh to watch the show Midnight Tango. Plus a brilliant holiday in the sunshine of Majorca.

Business wise, I had a very successful year as an affiliate for John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor, Dan Sumners & John Thornhill’s Product Development Control and Dan’s Bloggers Roadmap. All top quality products from ethical marketers.

On my own products, I have completed my new Kindle home study course (which took months) which I think is my best product to date.

My Kindle books sell on autopilot but I have not produced much content in the second half of the year due to producing the Kindle video course.

I have however produced a number of smaller products such as……

Selling Information Products On eBay

Make A Killer Income From Small Ads

eBay Private Lable Empire

Things I am disappointed with :-(

I had many more products planned this year that I never got around to finishing. Working my full time job has proved draining both mentally and physically leaving little time in the evening for working on my own business ideas or for R&R. I need to find a better balance here.

I had intended to produce Plugin Auction Profits 2 which is in completed draft planning, but this has now been penned in for 2013 as well as my print version or 12 Roads to Success via Create Space.

I had intended to offer custom WordPress websites for local businesses but just run out of time to even start this, maybe I was a bit too ambitious for one year?

So What Is In Store For 2013? Lots!

On a personal basis plenty of fun and travel!

On a business basis…

Priority 1

Continue to build my mailing list, obviously this will be ongoing.

Priority 2

Get my Kindle Product up for sale, I still need to finish the sales page and affiliate materials, order graphics etc.

Priority 3

Complete the upsell for the Kindle product about building an Information Business off Amazon.

Priority 4

Make more use of social media in my business and to blog and visit other blogs more often.

I have a number of other products and ideas in the planning stage which will see the light of dawn in 2013.

So what have you planned for 2013? Please leave a comment.

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Sir Patrick Moore: A Personal Reflection

Yesterday was a very sad day for me; one of my personal heroes’s died. Sir Patrick Moore passed away aged 89. Patrick was a national treasure, the embodiment of a world that sadly no longer exists, a better world with old fashioned values such as decency, service and helping others. Patrick stoically refused to be modernised which is why we loved him so much.

With his pipe and monocle, his unkempt appearance, his infectious enthusiasm, and his willingness to send himself up Patrick was always good value.

As a young boy I was captivated by his enthusiasm for astronomy and inspired by his Friday evening spot, seeing stars. I wrote to Patrick several times who always replied promptly to my many queries (I still have the letters and postcards).

I met Patrick on many occasions and always found him to be excellent company, his deep love of astronomy, music and cricket brought forth many anecdotes all of them hilarious: a real story teller.

Best known for his record breaking programme The Sky at Night Patrick was also one of the presenters of the moon landing programmes presented on the BBC. I often wondered what happened to MAUD the lunar bicycle unveiled by Patrick, perhaps future missions to the moon will resurrect this outstanding piece of British invention and initiative.

Patrick was also an accomplished pianist and xylophonist and often performed his own compositions despite having no formal training. Often impersonated on TV with great affection Patrick was a familiar face to all.

My favourite personal memory of Patrick was watching him demonstrate his spin bowling technique by thundering down the reception area of the Shaftsbury Hotel in Liverpool much to the dismay of the Maitre De and the hotel staff.

Thank you Sir Patrick for all the pleasure you have given me over the past 40 years and to the countless others that you have inspired, you will be sadly missed.

Sir Patrick Moore 1923-2012


How Quickly Can You Create A Product?

Or how long is a piece of string? It just depends on the type of product that you are creating. I regularly provide my subscribers with great free content, sometimes this is entirely written by myself, at other times it will be a free report, a video or a product produced by someone else that I have the rights to give away. The important thing is that it is always something of value.

This weekend I put together a complete subscriber appreciation gift in just 2 hours. Here’s how, I used Ezine Articles website to find out some first class information about Kindle publishing. I drew up a list of 10 subjects so that that the report would be valuable and the subject matter would flow together.

I then searched the Ezine Articles website for 10 articles with quality content relating to the list I drew up. There are a lot of articles but as most of them are 400-500 words I found what I needed very quickly (approx 50 mins). The important consideration was quality and value. Always look at the expert authors first here is the link to my expert author page.

Robert Corrigan, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

I copied and pasted the articles into an Open Office document, did a little formatting, added a cover, disclaimer and a resources page at the end. Voila’ a complete high quality subscriber appreciation gift in under 2 hours start to finish.



Here is the finished product, download HERE or click the graphic.

There are are few do’s and don’ts you need to observe to comply with the Terms of Service (TOS) but really they are just common sense. When authors publish an Ezine Article they give permission to reproduce the article they still retain copyright. No changes or editing is allowed and the author resource box must remain intact together with any links in the box or article. Also credit must be given to Ezine Articles as the source.

This helps to promote the authors work and their own products or website. As a courtesy contact the author to let them know you have reprinted their article and offer them a free copy of you report.

I don’t think of this method of product production as a quick fix but merely a way of collating quality content very quickly without having to write it all myself. There are limits on how many articles you can use in a calendar year limited at 25 per unique domain or 250 per year.

There are some other excellent article sites such as.

Each will have their own TOS, but don’t be tempted to mix and match from different sites as you could inadvertently break the terms of service on one or another of them particularly with article quotas.  Rob


Create Space: Publishing On Demand

Hi everyone, and welcome to my last video for Barry Wells Video Challenge. This is again on the theme of Amazon services and how to make money. Today we look at Create Space the Amazon POD (Publish on Demand) service.

This is becoming big business for Amazon and makes it very simple for Indie authors to publish their work. The great advantage of this service is that it is very cheap to do you do not need to approach any publishers and you have control over your own work.

This video is a complete walk through on how to publish a paperback book using Create Space.Click the image to play the video of click HERE.

For more excellent videos pop over to Barry’s Video Challenge. Till next time Rob..


Hi everyone here is another video showing you how to make a few extra pennies using Amazon, in this one I look at KDP Select and why you should consider using it if you are selling eBooks on Amazon.

Also I take a look at the new Kindle Format 8 developed for the Kindle Fire that allows a much better reading experience not only in colour but also supports excellent illustration for children’s books, graphic novels and any other type of product that requires the use of extensive illustration such as “How to Manuals”.

The Fire is rumoured to be coming to the UK just before Christmas and that opens up a lot of opportunities for small publishers like ourselves. Click the graphic to play the video.

If you find the video of help then I am just putting the finishing touches to the second edition of “The Kindle Cash Machine”  It’s Kindle Jim but not as well know it…

Take care… Rob



Soliloquy: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade


To upgrade, or not to upgrade – that is the question

Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of “outdated applications”

Or to take arms against the sea of software vendors

And by opposing them end my continual upgrade nightmare

Or just give in and take all the upgrades.

Not exactly the bard…. So what has brought this on, just a few days ago I wanted to do some very simple tasks on the computer. My morning went like this.


  • Upgrade your Flash Player
  • Upgrade your Adobe Reader
  • Upgrade your Vaio
  • Upgrade Java Script

Haven’t done anything yet

  • There are Windows updates for you to download
  • Update Firefox
  • Update Yahoo Mail
  • Gmail Update

I accepted no upgrades except Yahoo as this was being forced upon us.

I only wanted to type a letter and send a few emails, ok check Facebook, changes there new feature! Time line blah blah…. Check blog…

  • Update WordPress
  • Update WordPress Plugins

The point, how much time could I have wasted on this lot, not very productive is it but we are brain washed into thinking that we need to have the latest this that and the other just to keep up.

I’m not a big fan of upgrades unless they either make thing easier for me or introduce features that I really will find useful.

I run Word 2003, it does everything and more than I need at present, tried 2007 which to me is as user friendly as a cornered rat, but I still get the app appearing every so often to run docx files that want me to buy the latest version.

2003 does it all, at least for now and there is also Open Office for ODT files, some companies such as Amazon Kindle do not like the docx format and is not supported on there website.

As far as graphics are concerned I do not run Photoshop, I use Paintshop Pro 5 which is about 10 years old, and again it does everything I need.

So: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade.

That is the question! Rob….

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