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Every so often a product comes along that makes it just so easy for you to succeed, one that is given to you on a plate, a system that just plain works. Extra 1K Income from Davis Lex is just such a system.

Extra 1K Income is an extremely comprehensive training program on how to start a side business selling services by outsourcing all the work and profiting the difference!

The unique selling point is that you don’t need any starting capital, or skills to make this business work – And all you need is just 1 hour per day to make an extra $1,000 per month!

Now Davis provides everything you need to succeed in his system, but I want to sweeten the deal for you, so I am offering not one but 12 ways of adding to your Extra 1K Income with my unique bonuses. No one else will be able to offer you this because these 12 systems or business plans are part of a product that I created.

It is impossible to put a figure on the value of these bonuses but this product has made in excess of $5000 in sales.


My complete e-course 12 Roads to Success, 12 complete business plans for you to copy and profits from ranging from the very simple to the more complex (and profitable). Real Value: Incalculable


Not only do you get the product itself but you also get the resale rights to this product, for every sale of this you make you get to keep 100% of the cash. Yes you did read that correctly! Real Value: Incalculable 


To help you to sell and promote this I will give you all the web page templates, promotional graphics and sale materials so that you can hit the ground running and start making sales as soon as possible. Real Value: $147


Don’t Miss Out on This BONUS, Make Sure You Grab Yours Right Away,s it’s for a Very Limited Time Only!




All the tools you need to build your business, the one I used in my own successful business. Your FREE!

How to Claim Your BONUS!

This bonus is available for a limited time only and this page may be removed anytime without notice. Order Extra 1K Income Program NOW, from the button or link below to claim our BONUS!

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Click HERE.

Important! All bonus claims will be manually verified and you will not be sent your bonus if you did not follow these instructions.

In order to claim your bonuses, please send your Payment Receipt to:


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Here is the link again that you need to use, in order to get our BONUS:

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Once we have verified your purchase, we will reply to your email with everything you need.

Remember, in order to receive your bonuses you MUST purchase from the links on this page.

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IMPORTANT: In order to claim
your bonuses, please send your Payment Receipt to:


With ‘Extra 1K Income Bonus‘ in the subject.

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What’s Your Image Like?

Well what is it like? I don’t mean how dapper you may look on a night out or for a big occasion. But what is your online image like? I am currently finishing off a suite of products with varying graphic needs.

I have created some of my own (the simple ones) had some more complex ones created as Fiverr gigs and some very high quality graphics created by GFX-1. Your graphic needs may be your eBay listings, the look of your blog or that of your products. So I want to illustrate this with a few examples.

Any good chef will tell you that the first bite is taken with the eye, so a great picture or graphic is needed to attract the attention. So let me start with eBay listings, there are many “excellent examples of bad graphics” but together with the title it is the one of the most important factors in getting customers to look at your listing further. Look at this example of a bad graphic!


Some Resell Rights products are amongst the worst offenders, Take this as an example.
This is a product I have sold both on eBay and Amazon (before the cull) but I hasten to add not with this graphic!

But the thing about it is that it often does not take much effort to produce a first class graphic. Here is one I created for one of my eBay listings. Even with my limited skills I am more than happy with the result.


Here are some examples of book covers and other graphics I have created or had created for various parts of my new course E-Publishing Roadmap. The first two examples are my own work, one of the images is from the public domain and the other cost a few bucks from Fotolia.



There came a point for me when my skills were not up to what I wanted to create, so at that point I had to outsource my graphic needs.

For simple graphics I am a great fan of Fiverr. But….. Not every piece of work I have had done has been as good as I would have liked it to be.

Illustrated books are BIG on Amazon and yet they can be very simple to create. Here is one of my examples, forget about the author name, it’s me.


A classic example of fourth time lucky, I ordered a book cover for this A-Z book on Fiverr, a few hours later my internet went off. Three days later when normal service was restored I found that the artist had cancelled my gig.

Attempt two, reordered the gig from someone else, they failed to deliver even after having three additional days. I cancelled and reordered the gig from another artist. Three days later the gig was delivered but the cover was in portrait format groan…

I Requested a revision which took three additional days.

Fiverr is not just for book covers here is some channel art I had created for my YouTube channel, I asked for something with the same look and feel as the header on this blog.


Pretty neat! Check it out live!

For E-Publishing Roadmap which I am creating there will be no skimping first class graphics will be an absolute must. So I used GFX-1 which I use for all my high class work. So for the last component of the course which is about using eBay I have had had a listing template and a CD authoring template made as bonus items. Here are just two of the graphics. Impressive?



So it just remains for me to ask what’s your image like?

Its good to share, please do!



New Year Plans 2014 And End Of Year Review 2013

Once more we start a New Year we look forward to the plans ahead and with it the inevitable review of the previous year and plans. When you look back it is often sobering to see what you have achieved or have failed to achieve, so here goes.


There has been a BIG spectre haunting me and unlike Scrooge this one did not arrive just before christmas it has been in residence for a long time. It is my long trumpeted, long awaited but not delivered Kindle training course. I never delivered this, I have been unhappy with a lot of the content, I have tinkered with it, messed with it and also left it alone (for too long).

But, I have finally realised what I was unhappy about and with a renewed vigour have created a Kindle course that I am not just happy with but also proud of, so look for that in early 2014.

I have not as yet updated my eBay course Plugin Auction Profits or my 12 Roads to Success course as I was wanting to do in 2013. But, I have the new versions in outline form and intend to move these to there own membership sites with the addition of some new materials. There will also be some additional content available as an optional additions to the product.

angry-iconI have also been experimenting with Optimise Press 2 as the membership platform for my Kindle course. I find OP 2 both easy to use and infuriating in equal measure, on bad days it is seems more like Optimise Depress.

I am unsure as to whether I will continue to use this after I have used up my 3 licence quota, so stay tuned.

A great positive in 2013 was joining the team at Marketing Mini Classes, I knew everyone personally and I am delighted to be working with Steve, Mandy and Barry. Look for some more classes from me in 2014.

So to 2014, here’s the broad plan.

To release 3 products this year
To update and upgrade my Plugin Auction Profits and 12 Roads to Success to membership status.
To add to my Kindle book portfolio by at least one book per month
To buy myself a Mac computer and publish content to Apple iBooks
To extend my existing POD ventures
To build a more extensive and responsive marketing list
And above all to provide excellent value to all my subscribers and customers

Phew just looking at that list is scary! But these business goal should go someway to helping me achieve my personal goals.

What are your plans? Leave a comment below and share your plans.

So it only remains for me to wish you the compliments of the season and wish you success in all your ventures in 2014.

Oh and remember its good to share so please share this!



As you may know my background is in selling on eBay so I am always looking for those little eBay opportunities that are easy to run and bring in cash on a regular basis. Today I have a great little opportunity that I want to tell you about.

It’s called Easy Auction Income

If your inbox is anything like mine you see new products being launched on a regular basis, some are really good and some promise the earth and give you gravel…

…you know the kind where you get to the end and have to purchase again to get to the juice, or you get so far into it and find you need to attend the local college to understand the jargon, all been there right!

Well today I want to tell you about Easy Auction Income, which doesn’t only talk about the juice it shows you in fine detail exactly what you need to do to succeed.

The product has been created by Steve King and Barry Wells, both of whom are long term eBay sellers, who have joined forces on eBay and started selling Photo Prints with almost instant success.

After the first 30 days they were able to transfer £350 ($500 approx.) to their bank, 30 days! And yes, they display proof of that…. as well as the following 2 months.

You see these guys have only been doing this for just 90 days but with their combined knowledge they’ve hit on a winning formula and are now ready to share…

Easy Auction Income is a complete Video Coaching Program showing you how these guys source and sell their Photo Prints on eBay. In fact you’ll actually be looking over their shoulders as they take care of their business on eBay.

These guys are showing you everything they apply to their process and leave nothing out of the equation, the videos include:

• An Introduction to the coaching program with some details of how these guys came up with the idea and started making money with it.
• What tool you’re going to need to get started, many of which you’ll probably have on your PC already.
• Where to find the pictures that you’re going to be selling, remember these guys are already selling them.
• How and where to source the materials you’ll need to dispatch your items and make them look as professional as possible to impress your customers.
• How to start creating listing on eBay with tips on titles and descriptions, categories and the timing of your listings. They’re also including some listing templates to improve your presentations and show you some of their own.
• The art of communication and how to keep your customer in the loop every step of the way, which can be automated so you do not have to send them individual emails.
• How to take care in the presentation and packaging of the items sold so when the customers receive them there’s a wow factor that instantly impresses them and removes the chances of complaints.
• The importance of positive feedback and how to generate a high feedback score that will help you as a seller. As well as some neat tricks for avoiding negative feedback and how to deal with it with you need to.
• How to generate repeat business and bring your customers back time after time, with a really simple trick that these guys are using themselves.

This isn’t one of those over hyped eBay products that lead you to spending lots of money to get started; in fact this is the exact opposite as your outlay is very small and you only produce your prints once you made a sale.

You see the best part of all this is I know Steve and Barry personally having worked with them on different projects since 2009, I know that this opportunity is solid gold.

This really is the complete package that will have you earning an extra income with ease.

Check it out by clicking the Graphic

easy auction income

Or Click HERE

I highly recommend that you grab Easy Auction Income and start making some money from the comfort of home.




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The Book eBay Banned

Over the years I have had a few spats with eBay about one thing or another, despite having other sources of income (always remember not to put all your eggs in one basket) I still sell on eBay.

I sell largely on autopilot on what I call a continual sales system (CSS). I am a great believer in doing the work once, i.e. writing one excellent description and listing that will be used for years. Apart from the occasional minor tweaks it has been very successful.

eBay have however with there continual changes almost wiped out my business on no less than three occasions, its vociferous courting of high street retailers and big brands have pushed out a lot of the small traders. I was once banned for 21 days for selling a product that was on sale in several high street stores and which is still being sold in these shops today.

Only last week I looked at all the eBay trader’s information that I had saved. I was shocked to discover that almost 40% of them no longer trade on eBay. Perhaps victims of the ever changing policies? This continual change has led me to diversify what I do online to include Amazon Kindle, my own products and affiliate marketing. I still do sell on eBay but the latest spat with eBay just takes the biscuit.

I sell a product for £2 (approx $3) Make Money On eBay Wholesale Suppliers List Where The Powersellers Get Stock. It is list of wholesale suppliers that I have used to build my own business on eBay.


I have been told this week that it has been banned for violating yet another eBay policy. I have been selling this for years and is my best selling Information Product on eBay.

I got the usual link to the eBay policy, and have replied to the message, here is a short extract.

Do you not think that anyone buying a list with the title Make Money On eBay Wholesale Suppliers List. “Secret Sources revealed: Where The Powersellers Buy Their Stock” from eBay would be selling the stock they bought on eBay?

I did an eBay search for wholesale lists and got 207 returns across all categories and 14 in Information Products, these 14 appear to be identical in content to my own now banned offering.

I have asked for a full response to my message not another reference to an eBay policy page, is that an airborne porcine I see out the window?




How Quickly Can You Start In A New Niche?

How many niches do you work in? Most people work in just one or two and others seem to work in multiple niches. Those niches may be in Internet Marketing, eBay, Amazon or even offline.

Here is a little niche that I have just started to work in. I have always been interested in astronomy have bought my first real telescope when I was 15. I always wanted to do something in this hobby niche so I have decided to have a go, and record my progress as I developed this new area which would make a good case study even if I were only moderately successful.

The whole niche involves the building of a website http://thenightskyonline.com/ which I have started to construct. The idea is to do this on an absolute shoestring. I have used a free theme and if you visit the site, it is clearly in the early stages of construction. I intend to build a marketing list in this niche and the first step is this little book which I have just published.


Click the links to check out the listings

Amazon US

Amazon UK

This was entirely written by me, it is enrolled in KDP select for at least 90 days, the idea is that I can give this away for free on 5 days of my choice during the enrolled period. I am offering some excellent free software with this book. This is provided via a link in the book that takes you to a download page HERE.

On the download page is another freebie which you can only get by subscribing to my list.

Here is how I produced the book, the content was entirely written from my own knowledge in about 8 hours. All the illustrations were from the public domain and can be used for free, they all came from wiki commons (there are many other places I could have got free content but in this instance I found all I needed there), total time approx 2 hours.

Compiling the book using my own kindle template approx 2 hours

The free software is also public domain and consists of two program’s, downloading, zipping and uploading to my own web space approx 1 hour.

Compiling the download page again approx 45 mins. Writing Kindle listing and uploading 30 mins.

The point being that all this could easily be done in one weekend at a fairly leisurely pace. The hardest part was really just getting started on it. I broke the book down into sections and wrote each section as the fancy took me.

Now before anyone says I couldn’t do that! If you have a hobby, interest or a passion for something then you can just as easily do what I have done.

Oh yes and the cost? £5 for the royaly free image I used to produce the cover 20 mins, which again was done with free software, real budget product production, just 15 hours max. The amazing thing is it took Amazon less than 6 hours from me submitting it to them publishing it.





What do we understand by free? Well we can look up any number of dictionary definitions but the common understanding is that it is something that we can obtain for nothing.

The Internet is full of free stuff even the biggest companies are at it and that includes Google. You see there are many free tools and services that you can use from Google. Maps, keyword, tools, docs, hangouts the list is extensive and of course Blogger the free blogging platform.

With Blogger you can have a free blog at no cost and blog to your hearts content. BUT what is often forgotten is that you don’t own the blog, let me repeat you don’t own the blog. Google do and they can take away your plaything at a moments notice.

Surely you don’t think that it can happen to you? That’s what a lot of people thought until this week when they received an e-mail from Google.

Important Update to Adult Content Policy on Blogger

You are receiving this message because you are the admin of a blog hosted on Blogger which is identified to have Adult content.

 And it went on to say that any blogs linking to Adult websites or attempting to monetize adult material on Blogger will be deleted on June 30th. Whilst we would all applaud the stand against distasteful material on the web, there are many Blogger sites that are used by authors of Erotica in order to promote their books, how many will fall foul of this change to the Terms of Service and who will make the decision, three good men and true?

We have seen this before with the Amazon slap of a few years ago which wiped out thousands of accounts over night. Or, the changes to eBay policies which had nearly ruined my own eBay business on 3 occasions.

These wide scale changes are rarely done with the discretion that needs to be exercised and there is frequently no redress, no real appeal only a standard response from a corporate employee towing the party line. In other words once it’s gone it’s gone.

There is now wide scale panic with users of Blogger to protect their content which often amounts to years of work. There are choices; you can get a free blog from wordpress.com. WordPress is the mostly widely used blogging and content management platform in the world and it’s free!

Woe that word free again……. Once bitten twice shy. Better still have your own WordPress blog where you own the domain and the blog in other words it’s yours, you own it. You will still have to make sure that you comply with the Terms of Service of your hosting provider and there is a cost implication.

You will need a hosting package about 4 dollars a month and a domain name about $11 a year. But you will own the blog. The thing that will put a lot of people off is learning WordPress having spent the time to learn Blogger.

Here is the answer your complete guide to building and installing your own WordPress blog in double quick time.

Don’t put your blog at risk protect your content today here is your escape plan. You can even import your Blogger content into a new WordPress blog here is a video that will show you how to export your Blogger content.

Please share this information you never know what is next.





The Apprentice: Who Gets Flat Packed?

Would you buy a “Tidy Sidey.” Or a box on wheels?

The candidates receive a surprise phone call at the end of their day off; they are called to the home of the Design Council, where Lord Sugar informs them that their task is to come up with a unique piece of flat-pack furniture, before producing prototypes and pitching their products to retailers. The candidates get creative; one team brings a folding chair to the table, while the others set out to manufacture a multifunctional cube which evolves into a box on wheels. But while the boys get their measurements mixed up, the girls start squabbling over market research.

On sales day, half the teams hit the high street in search of orders for their products; but with the pressure on, some members of the street sales team come unstuck. The rest head for appointments laid on by Lord Sugar with some of the country’s biggest retailers – and under scrutiny one presentation goes bottoms up.

In the boardroom, there is the usual squabbling there is high praise for The table that folds into a chair with lots of orders from Argos a major high street and main order player and low opinions of the box on wheels, and the girls losing team come in for a total hammering before Lord Sugar makes his decision and tells Sophie “I Don’t do…..,” she is fired.

Next week they open a farm shop lets hope there is no more manure from the girls.




The Apprentice: Bitter Anyone?

Tonight’s apprentice task was one very close to my heart. The candidates must invent a new flavoured beer, but is there trouble brewing…..You bet, another shambolic performance from both teams in trying to find a flavour for there own beer. Chocolate and orange or rhubarb (no custard) the teams had to choose a stock beer for flavouring and locations to sell to the public and trade.

The girls wasted two barrels of good pop as they could not work out ratios! Perhaps the rhubarb went to their heads. As ever the candidates were falling out like cats in a bag. Choice of location, a beer festival for the girls in a pub and the boys at a proper beer festival where the most expensive, so in the afternoon go to central London and drop the prices, makes sense, not in my books.

Best laugh of the night was the boys turning up to a specialist beer pub with no sample and no pump disc! A sniff of the bottle was offered, as unbelievable as this sounds it was true.

After the inquest in the board room Lord Sugar came up with the most predictable (and accurate comment) “couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.” Tim Stillwell the drinks specialist was fired but it was close, Francesca MacDuff-Varley could have easily gone as she was responsible for the wastage at the brewery.

Next weeks task should be interesting as the teams are to design and market flat pack furniture. If MFI was thought to be Made For Idiots should next weeks items be known as MBI Made By Idiots?

Bitter anyone?




Well here it is at last! How much have we missed the massive ego’s, the bitching and backstabbing, the fights as each of the candidates tries to win funding from Lord Sugar as their business partner. It’s been away for far too long. So the rollercoaster started tonight.

In the first episode the 16 “brightest” (god help us) business brains in Britain tackled the first task to sell a container load of assorted goods including water, bubble wrap, toilet rolls, coats, mugs, lucky cats etc….

The two team leaders Jaz and Jason sounding like a early eighties failed boy band, took charge. Jazz like a demented cheer leader, full of fake enthusiasm, and high octane motivational sound bites took charge, if that is what you would call it. The girls lost and Jaz was fired.

 So in the end were we disappointed? Not a bit of it! There is plenty of mileage in this new series to eliminate the truly unsuitable and the complete inadequate. No front runners as yet, but plenty of cannon fodder!

Want more? You bet!!!!




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