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eBay is THE marketplace, you can buy and sell almost anything to almost anyone. It, therefore, provides an unrivalled way to make money quickly and easily without the tedious commute, the long hours, the unsympathetic boss.

Most people are excited when first discovering this vast and vibrant marketplace, excited but confused!

“What do I sell?” is the most common question budding eBay entrepreneurs ask when faced with the thousands of eBay categories.

Stuart Turnbull faced the same challenge 4 years ago before he chanced upon the basis of his strategy. He spent the next 4 years researching, testing and refining his idea into a plan that ANYONE can follow to make incredible eBay profits. Stuart is now revealing the secret of his success in Prints Make Profits for less than $20 you can be running your own successful eBay business.

No special equipment is required, you can be up and running within days for a few dollars and an hour or 2 a day is all that is required to operate this business successfully. This must be one of the easiest business start ups ever.

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Why Do I Never Make Money On eBay?

I think of all the questions I get asked about eBay this in the most common. I think that all too often we get seduced by the “eBay myth”. “eBay is a licence to print money”, well if you are a share holder it is, but as a user it is more complex than this. The myth and the reality are quite different, let us take a few scenarios and examine them in more detail.

Myth: Put anything up for sale on eBay and it will sell.

Reality: Less than half the items for sale on eBay will sell on the first or even second attempt.

Myth: Look for the “HOTTEST” selling products on eBay and sell the same, you will make money.

Reality: Unless you are an established seller don’t try and compete in the areas of high competition, don’t try to run with the “big dogs”. Some categories and sub categories have dozens of competing pages and thousands of competing products. These big powersellers have huge powerseller discounts from eBay and can buy in there products in bulk at a much lower price than someone who is trying to muscle into the market. This makes your profit margins razor thin or even non existent.

Myth: You can only make money selling product that are well known brands.

Reality: There is a vast market for non branded products on eBay (and Amazon). Non branded products can be sourced cheaper, sold cheaper and yet make more money than the branded product.

 So how do I start making money on eBay? Find a niche area to trade in, now this may seem daunting at first so I am going to give you my FREE report “Successful Online Selling” This will show you step by step how you can easily find profitable niche markets 

Inside there is an example of how to research a niche, for it is in the niche areas that the profits are to be made. Download your FREE report “Successful Online Selling” now are find your own profitable niche areas.

Don’t follow the herd, make them follow you….Rob

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