Insane, no not really… The great thing about Information Marketing is that you can do it from almost anywhere; you don’t even need a broadband connection. You see here in the UK it has been warm and the sun has been shining. So why waste the sunshine.

Instead of working at home I have relocated to my local public house pad and pen in one hand and pint of Guinness in the other. That’s where this blog post was written in the sunshine from during a break from working on Internet Coaching Monthly my new venture with Steve King.

Internet Coaching Monthly (ICM) is a membership site its aim is to provide excellent content at an amazingly low price. Steve has been very busy building the site using WordPress whilst I have been creating some of the content for it. If you look at the website you will be seriously under whelmed as nearly of the content is yet to be published.

I am creating 2 modules at the moment one on product creation and marketing and another on eBay trading of course. The product creation will be approx 20 videos some PowerPoint’s and PDF’s. I am hoping to shoot the videos in the next week or so this will take the number of videos on the site to over 100, yes we have been very busy!

I am also working on a little project with my lovely partner building a Kindle empire for her fiction (which is outselling my own stuff at the moment). 2011 is already my most productive year so far I have already completed and have on sale 3 products since January.

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Steve and I are hoping to launch at the end of May we want this to be really special. Oh my glass appears to be empty, time for another Guinness… This office move really suits me!  Rob