Hi Guys, have noticed that over the past few weeks that I have been visiting other student’s blogs less frequently than before. I guess with all the product development going on there has been less time available for doing it.


I have decided that I will try to visit a few each day, there is some fantastic content and resources on these blogs. I cannot believe the amount of knowledge I have gained just from reading them. I have also gained so much confidence in dealing with technical aspects of the internet. There is always someone with the know how willing to help out. It is most appreciated.


The opportunities to help forge partnerships and joint ventures are endless. I will also be posting this on the masterclass forum. How about subscribing to the blogs that interest you? Or just the ones associated with your own product development. I have subscribed to a few students blogs and have found the content excellent. I hope in return that my subscribers have found my content interesting.


Also take a look at Ken Alston masterclass community at http://masterclass.ning.com  super stuff, why not drop by and give it a look? Think of all the opportunities we now have to network with other students? Would this have happened this quickly or at all if we had not joined the masterclass?


See you soon



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