When you think of low cost e-books then eBay is probably the first place that you think of looking a simple eBay search will return thousands of results and it’s amazing the range of e-books that are available. You can buy products on making money, gambling systems, relieving back pain, how to play the bag pipes etc. But how can we make money selling them ourselves?

e-books have rather a bad name in some quarters with some justification as the general quality of most of these offerings is low; in essence what sort of product can you get for 99c? Usually 99c worth, there are of course exceptions to the rule if you stay away from the bottom end. There are so many more products that you can sell such as audio products, video products, software etc. Digital product may be a better description of these items? There really are some gems to be had if you look in the right places.

So where can we obtain products that we can sell on eBay? The quickest and easiest way is to find resale rights products. A Google search will return thousands of hits for reseller licence to products, some companies even specialise in selling these products. You will need to check out each products licence but most will allow you to resell on eBay and even put your own name on the product.

Look for top selling products on eBay and use these companies to source similar products to the popular sellers on eBay. You can also obtain a huge amount of materials from free giveaway events again there are dozens of these and signing up to them will allow you access to a range of materials that you can resell, but again you will need to check the licence agreements carefully.

So you have a range of products to try, so how can you really make money selling e-books on eBay?

Yes you can, there are several strategies that you can use but is it really a profitable business? Well on the front end yes you can make a living but you will need to sell a high volume of low cost e-Books or fewer higher value items. The big mistake is that people just try and sell the item they list where it should be about building a customer list.

This is one of the biggest mistakes sellers on eBay make is trying to make all the money on the front end when what they should be doing is making sales on the back end of the sale.

In Part2 I will give you my strategy for making money on a low cost sale.

See You Next Time Rob…


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