Why did I do this? Why did I hand over my hard earned money to enrol on a coaching program? What was there to learn that I have not already been doing? Well there is a simple reason. I had the opportunity to be mentored by Alex Jeffreys.

The name Alex Jeffreys is a well known one on the Internet, just Google his name and see how many matches are returned, it’s impressive. So how come Alex has got his name so well known?

You see Alex is a marketing superstar (I suspect that he might be embarrassed by that) and coach. He will certainly tell you that he is no Guru. In fact he upset quite a few gurus with his report The Gurus Nightmare last year get a copy by clicking HERE.

When Alex opened his coaching program Marketing with Alex 4 (MWA4) at the end of 2010 I signed up immediately you see I wanted to grow and add value to my business and in so doing provide even greater value to my subscribers and customers.

The first module is called forward to basics and is well over 2 hours long; Alex presents the outline of how he runs his daily business and the routine that he has developed to maintain his focus. The presentation is followed up with a recording of a live webinar where fellow student get the opportunity to further question him about the points he has made in the presentation.

The importance of having a mentor is that they can explain how to avoid all the pitfalls in the road ahead as they have treaded this path before. Even mentors have mentors and these mentors have their own mentors.

So here’s a bit of mentoring directly from Alex it an excellent presentation call ‘The Easy Cash Webinar’ this is massive on content showing you how to build your online business and the best part? This is FREE just click the banner.

Enjoy Rob……


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