Today I am going to recommend a good read, if you haven’t already done so get yourself a copy of:

How to Get Rich


Felix Denis

No it’s not one of the increasing numbers of self help books that “show you how to make a million in 10 seconds flat.” The book is described by Felix as an anti-self help book, its purpose to discourage you from even trying to get rich.

Laced with example of Felix’ wit, poetry and gob smacking anecdotes of his rise through the ranks of the magazine publishing business Felix shares his successes and disasters in equal measures and book pulls no punches in doing so.

How to Get Rich acts as both warning and inspiration for those determined to start out on the rocky road to wealth, it is joy to read and contains sage wisdom but none more so that this:

“Continue to weave new baskets”


“Don’t put all your eggs in the one basket”

How many of us have been guilty of doing just that? I certainly have and have been burnt a few times particularly with eBay. Remember the Digital Delivery ban where a large number of businesses selling eBooks and software where wiped out virtually over night.

Or, have eBay changes had a detrimental effect of your business? It happened with mine as eBay changed the rules and decide to ban some of my products (which are freely available for sale on other eBay sites and high street stores). Some of my other products now failed to get on the all important first page because of eBay changes.

The mistake I made was simple; eBay was my strategy and all my eggs in one basket. So I started to make new baskets. I started to produce my own products starting with Plugin Auction Profits my strategy for trading on eBay and Amazon. I started to sell specialist books on Amazon which I buy for a few dollars at a time and flip for a greater price.

I now provide digital content for Amazon’s Kindle eBook platform; I have published my own physical book using Create Space POD (print on demand) service. I collected all these ways of making an extra income together as blueprints and produced 12 Roads to Success which became my first Warrior Forum Special Offer or WSO.

I am now branching out and creating websites for clients based on WordPress, mobile websites and other marketing services. The beauty is that if one of these sources of income dries up or disappears due to changes in Terms of Service I will still have lots of others.

Will I stop Weaving Baskets? No way, and I suggest you don’t stop either.



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